We attach great importance to our wine-growing traditions, but we also give ourselves the freedom to explore new horizons. Our essential aim is to constantly strive for consistently high quality. The red slate slopes on the warm south side of the Petrisberg impart a characteristic minerality to our wines and – even on the lowest yields per hectare as well as a late selective harvest – an above average maturity.

Our wine philosophy means that we always use continuously sufficient standing time for the must instead of a quick press, natural yeasts instead of pure culture, sedimentation instead of filtration, omitting preservatives and long growing times. In this way, we create space for maturity potential, expression and differing spectrums of aromas.

Our dry and tart wines (already always classed as late harvest), do not have classification labels. These are exclusively found amongst our sweet wines. Any of our wines that are not explicitly labelled are dry.

Wolfgang and Christine Becker, wine growers and sommeliers with their own vineyard, would like to present you with a symbiosis of tradition and inspiration.

Everyone can drink…

We would love to share our enthusiasm for fine wines with you – with a wine tasting, walk or picnic. Come and experience our vineyards first hand!

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