Christine Becker

The small winery with around 20,000 vines is the nucleus of today's FamilyGenuss company. And because tradition obliges, Wolfgang Becker, the fifth generation of the winegrowing family, first learned to make wine before he devoted himself to cooking. Today, Christine Becker, winemaker and sommelier, is responsible for the well-being of the vines and the taste of their wines.

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Becker's wines

our winemaking philosophy always includes sufficient maceration times instead of rapid pressing, natural yeasts instead of pure breeding, sedimentation instead of filtration, the renunciation of fining agents and long aging times. in this way, we create space for ripening potential, expression and differentiated aroma spectra.

for our dry and off-dry wines (always at late harvest level anyway), we do not use predicate designations, which can only be found in the noble sweet wines. our wines that are not explicitly labeled are dry.


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